Reinforcement and wire mesh for reinforced concrete

We specialize in the manufacture, supply and installation of reinforcing steel and wire mesh for reinforced concrete. If you wish, AAB Beauce Reinforcing Steel can also intervene with its team of professionals to install the reinforcement. Our team leaders have more than 25 years of experience on construction sites. So for work done safely and professionally, think AAB.

FRP rebars (fiber reinforced polymer)

We are also the exclusive distributor for Quebec of the range of FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) reinforcement from the manufacturer SFTec.

-Tensile strength is higher than that of steel
-Electrically and thermally non-conductive
-Transparent to magnetic fields and radar frequencies
-Extremely lightweight – 75% lighter than steel rebar
-Will never corrode

Conservative estimates indicate longevity in excess of 100 years.

AAB, services and solutions

AAB Beauce Reinforcing Steel is actively working to develop a particular niche, namely the prefabrication of various items in the factory.
We are working on the creation of components that can be found in concrete forms, especially where access is highly restricted. Thus, all the reinforcements could be fabricated and welded in the factory then deposited in the formwork, using heavy machinery. This way of doing things will make the job easier on construction sites. In addition, worker safety will be increased and the execution time will be greatly reduced, which will constitute a significant reduction in costs.

Estimate and preparation of plans

We offer you a plan preparation service, ready to be approved by the professionals concerned. In addition, we can produce a cost estimate for your project. Our experts will establish, within a reasonable time, the total cost of your project. You can also find the answers to your questions when you meet our professionals.

Delivery to site

At AAB Beauce Reinforcing Steel, our customers are our priority. That’s why we offer you a delivery service directly to your site. Our equipment is safe and our service is very punctual. Do you need reinforcing steel and you have no time to waste? Contact us!